We Utilize the Latest Dental Technology

At Covington Center for Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on staying aware of developments in the latest dental technology to provide you with the best possible care.

With the use of tools such as digital dental X-rays or intraoral cameras, patients are given the ability to view their teeth from a new perspective. Our team of dentists examines your teeth to identify oral health issues and to prevent future dental problems.

Dental X-Rays and Other Technologies

A broad spectrum of dental issues can occur among each patient; however, we use the latest dental technology to identify these oral health concerns and diagnose them accordingly. Some of the latest dental technology offered in our office is:

Dental X-rays A safer, more convenient alternative to traditional X-rays, the process of taking digital dental X-rays is faster, more comfortable for the patient, and has less radiation emissions.

Intraoral camera Intraoral cameras are an effective way that our dentists can give patients a close-up view of their teeth and any dental issues that need to be addressed.

Dental magnification loupes Accuracy is important when it comes to performing dental procedures. Dental magnification loupes allow dentists to achieve a closer view of a patient’s mouth in order to complete a procedure without difficulty.

Computerized records Not only can it be difficult to maintain paper documents, but it can be time-consuming to search them for valuable information. We are a paperless office, meaning we have an efficient, environmentally-friendly method of keeping track of patient records.

HD TVs Enjoy our HD TVs along the walls and ceilings. You can relax and watch your favorite show during an appointment or take a look at your teeth during an examination.

Microscopes Recognizing and treating oral health issues is our goal at Covington Center for Family Dentistry. This is made easier with the help of the latest dental technology, including microscopes that provide our dentists with a closer look at your teeth and gums.

The presence of advanced technology in our office, including digital dental X-rays, aids us in our goal to provide the best dental care and a positive in-office experience.

Experience the latest dental technology while receiving care from one of our knowledgeable dental specialists. Call us at (678) 306-6000 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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