Restorative Dentistry Services in Covington

At Covington Center for Family Dentistry, your oral health is a priority. We know that leading a busy life can sometimes lead you to neglect your teeth – for this reason, we offer a variety of in-house restorative dentistry services to bring your smile back to life. We are here to help by providing patients with expert knowledge and dental care in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Advanced technology and varied techniques allow us to provide a high level of service and to perform procedures that give patients beautiful results. Each procedure is performed based upon your individual needs.

Custom Restorative Dental Procedures Available

We begin our restorative dental procedures by examining the structure of your teeth, gum, jaw and face, enabling us to address your oral health issues and work to find the procedure that suits your needs.

Achieving a natural look is easy, thanks to a combination of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental procedures available at our practice.

We offer various types of corrective dental work at our office, including:

Covington Center for Family Dentistry is also a family-friendly environment that offers a kids’ play area, where your children can enjoy video games, toys and coloring. We provide you with a well-rounded staff and quality care all at an affordable price. For more information or to schedule an appointment at our office in Covington, GA, call us at (678) 306-6000 or contact us online.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!

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